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My name is Pia Poulsen ALST, an Advanced LaStone® Practioner specialized to promote your health and well-being.
I am educated at Institut Figari in Paris, France and at LaStoneUK in England.

Thank you to all my clients over the years I've been in Paris. It's been a pleasure to work with you and having you as part of my journey. Now my path takes me north to my native Denmark where I will continue to practice massage and LaStone® and learn new things. I'll come back to visit Paris often I'm sure. It's a wonderful city and I will miss you all.

In the meanwhile, if you visit Denmark you're welcome to come by. Check my new homepage Body Sentio for further information.

I fully recommend these LaStone® practitioners in Paris:

Eve Bobeau

Eve is my successor in Paris, having trained LaStone® Original Body under me. We went to massage school together and I have known her for nearly as long as I've been in Paris. I am confident she will do wonderfully continuing the stone work.

Background and specialities:
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Massage Creatif
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • LaStone® Original Body
  • Tai Chi teacher
  • And always learning more, such as Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Thai massage and more
Eve is located in central Paris and both does home visits and works at Rituel in the 6th.
Contact her at: 06 12 26 85 99 or e-mail her.

Elyette Kirby

Elyette trained LaStone® Original Body with Eve. I know it won't be her last class working with the Stone Nation and I look forward to seeing where her journey will take her.

Background and specialities:
  • Massage therapy
  • Reflexology
  • LaStone Original Body
  • Yoga teacher
  • Other things include Craniosacral therapy, reiki and more
Elyette is located in the Western suburbs and does home visits, works from home and out of a yoga studio.
Contact her at: 06 46 43 88 65 or e-mail her.
Free e-booklet about Geothermal Therapy

What is Geothermal Therapy?
What are the effects of Hot and Cold Stone Massage?
What is LaStone?

Geothermal Deep Stone Therapy, effects of hot and cold, why use cold stones, thermo-therapy in your shower and more thermo-therapy at home, the benefits of Stone Massage and how it differs from other massage therapies.

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The only LaStone® Practitioner in Paris and Ile-de-France.

So much more than a Massage. The massage of your dreams.
LaStone® is a whole bodywork system. Using alternating temperature and energy principles, a LaStone® delivers a unifying mind, body and spirit experience.
Relaxing - Balancing - Renewing

LaStone® is not like your average stone massage. The stones are actively used to massage your muscles. You can actually feel the differnce, feel how your muscles are worked through and tensions are removed. Here is no passivity or laziness.
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The expression massage used on this site covers relaxation and wellness massage and is not to be confused with medical therapy or treatment.