Bury the Soul

Bury the Soul

Bury the Soul is one of the Sacred Strokes in Stone Medicine and has ancient roots.

For total relaxation, de-stressing and comfort you are offered a special treatment combining temperature, weight, energy work, and piezoelectric effect. Allow the stones to carry you on a journey into wellness and relaxation.

Bury the Soul is based on Native American traditions, and offers grounding and balancing on the mental and emotional level, while rejuvenating the body through piezoelectic effect. It is an advanced form of Castle Building and Cocooning.

Spend half an hour to an hour buried in hot and cold stones. Tailored to meet your needs, I work intuitively and may offer you ceremony and energy work to facilitate your wellness. Perhaps you will to lie cocooned in warm stones while I massage your feet. Perhaps you wish to undertake a spiritual journey to bring you enlightenment and strength. Perhaps it is the drum and animals which calls to you that day. Together we create a unique experience for your wellness in this moment.

Ideal for a relaxation, de-stressing and emotional comfort. The ceremony is often used for grief, anger, domestic violence or addictions. This is the way for the client to completely escape this world in which we live and sink into the comfort of Mother Earth. A great way to reconnect with ourselves and Mother Earth.

People who otherwise can't receive a massage due to health issues can greatly benefit from this treatment.

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