Creative Stone

This is my own creation, where I draw together all the different techniques and elements I've learned from Massage Creatif® and LaStone® to bring you a truly different experience.

Tell me your intention for the massage, and I will create a unique session to suit your needs.

Creative Stone combines the best of two worlds. The geothermal benefits of hot and cold stones, along with the fluidity and deep relaxation of my hands-on massage. Muscles are worked deeply, while the body and mind are allowed to reconnect. Sometimes there's a lot of deep tissue work, other times the stones are more a comforting and strengthening presence.

There is no set recipe for this massage as each is tailored to fit you and what you need in this moment. Our focus can be on the physical or the emotional, or any combination thereof.

Two treatments are never alike, but created based on what you have told me, while using intuition, insight and creativity.