LaStone® - the Original Hot and Cold Stone Massage

As the only certified LaStone® Practioner in Ile-de-France, and one out of five in France (according to the official LaStone® lists) I now offer the exclusive Original Hot and Cold Stone Massage in Paris.

I'm specifically trained in:

  • Original Body - the foundation of LaStoneĀ® to give you a taste of the many different types of work that can be done with the stones.
  • Deep Stone - deep tissue massage done with stones instead of hands. Great for sports massage, releasing muscular tensions and normalizing tight tissue.
  • Sacred Strokes - ancient Native American ceremony and wellness practices with stones, especially suited to aid with emotional and spiritual challenges.

It is so much more than a massage. It's a whole bodywork system using alternating temperature and energy principles. LaStone® delivers a unifying mind, body and spirit experience. Relaxing - Balancing - Renewing.

Do you want to address and deal with:

  • Tensions and soreness in muscles?
  • Stress and difficult emotional situations?
  • Insomnia and trouble achieving deep relaxation?
  • Your general health and wellness?
  • Confidence, strength and energy levels?
  • Connection of body and mind and creation of balance?
  • Your personal journey, mentally and spiritually?

The work with stones can be a very powerful experience; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and will leave you revived and refreshed. Just tell me what your intention is with the massage and I will tailor a session specifically for your situation.

You can read more about LaStone® on my Massage and Wellness blog.

The tools

Deep Stone Technique

The hot stones used are hand-picked basalt stones from the riverbeds in New Mexico, shaped as nature decided, polished smooth in sand to take the rough edges, and paired to work together as a set of more than 54 stones. The basalt is heated in water, digitally controlled, to provide the optimal working temperature suiting your tolerances.

The cold stones are beautiful marble stones cut and polished with care and consideration to the environment. They're either cooled in icewater, or in the freezer and make for a wonderfully refreshing treat when applied to draw out the excess heat from the hot stones. Cold has many benefits to sore and tired muscles and the marbles is what truly makes LaStoneĀ® different from any ordinary Hot Stone Massage you can find out there.

You can read more about the effects of hot and cold by clicking here.