Pia Poulsen ALST

Massage and Bodywork

LaStone® - Understand what LaStone® Hot and Cold Stone Massage is all about and what makes it so special.

Creative Stone - combining deep tissue, relaxation and energy massage to suit your needs.

Original Body - Begin your Journey into LaStone® Hot and Cold Stone Massage here. Relaxing, Balancing, Renewing, Energizing - a true Body, Mind and Spirit experience.

Deep Stone - Deep Tissue massage using geothermal (hot and cold stones) principles to release tensions and normalize tight tissue, often implemented into Creative Stone.

Balancing the Water Fall - Native American Stone Medicine, using stones on pressure points to balance the energies and flow of water in the body.

The Three Relations - Native American Stone Medicine combining a facial massage with hot and cold stones with ceremony, energy work and spiritual enlightenment.

Bury the Soul - Native American Stone Medicine. Hot and Cold stones placed on your body while you reconnect with Mother Earth, relax and completely let go of worries and fears.

Healing Hands - A Native American approach to Energy Work and Wellness.

Massage Créatif® - Wellness massage with oil combining Californian Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu and other techniques. Only available as outcall.