LaStone® Original Body

Sardonyx heart stone

Original Body is the beginning of LaStone®. This is the introduction to geothermal practice and energetic work. An Original Body session revitilizes body, mind and soul and facilitates profound wellness. People get of the table feeling energized and renewed, ready to face the challenges of the day again.

The 55 minutes experience is a good introduction to LaStone® and the use of temperature. You will be taken on a journey into relaxation and wellness, which leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The bodywork is a combination of spinal layout, stone placements and massage with hot and cold stones. The stones work deeply into the muslces releasing tensions and aches.

The full Original Body session takes you even further by adding another half an hour to the experience. Combining energy work and ceremony with geothermal principles, which creates a truly holistic treatment that transforms you and facilitates your body's own healing mechanisms.