Massage in Paris:

I am regularly visiting Paris and during my visits I am open for bookings. Sign up for my mailing list (send me an e-mail) to keep track of news and visits to Paris, or keep an eye on this page.

In the meanwhile I can recommend the following massage therapists in Paris. I have personally swapped massages with them several times and I can highly recommend it!

Eve Bobeau

Eve is my successor in Paris, having trained LaStone® Original Body under me. We went to massage school together and I have known her for nearly as long as I've been in Paris. I am confident she will do wonderfully continuing the stone work.

Background and specialities:
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Massage Creatif
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • LaStone® Original Body
  • Tai Chi teacher
  • And always learning more, such as Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Thai massage and more
Eve is located in central Paris and both does home visits and works at Rituel in the 6th.
Contact her at: 06 12 26 85 99 or e-mail her.

Stéphane Videloup

Stéphane is a French practitioner with more than ten years of experience. His massage skills range from deep tissue and osteopathic techniques, to emotional and psychological releases through massage.

Background and specialities:
  • Massage Sensitif and Californien massage
  • Ayervedic massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Myofacial release, Methode Moneyron and osteopathic techniques
  • Fasciatherapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
He can offer:
  • Relaxation and anti-stress massage through Massage Sensitif, Californian massage and Ayurvedic massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage through Methode Moneyron and Osteopatic techniques
  • Emotional release massage through Fasciatherapy
  • Psycho-physical massage, for people who has issues being touched
He is located in the 16th and can be reached at: 06 15 73 13 47 or via e-mail

Elyette Kirby

Elyette trained LaStone® Original Body with Eve. I know it won't be her last class working with the Stone Nation and I look forward to seeing where her journey will take her. She trained to become a massage therapist in Romania.

Background and specialities:
  • Massage therapy
  • Reflexology
  • LaStone Original Body
  • Yoga teacher
  • Other things include Craniosacral therapy, Reconnective Healing and more
Elyette is located in the Western suburbs and does home visits, works from home and out of a yoga studio.
Contact her at: 06 46 43 88 65 or e-mail her.

Jean Francois Jodouin

JF is a a skilled Shiatsu practioner and teaches Shiatsu in Paris. He's French Canadian living out in the western suburbs, with an amazing touch who does not only Shiatsu, but also Californian massage and intuitive massage. He's quite busy, doing work for non-profit organisations and other things. But if you want a great Shiatsu session, do contact him and see for yourself.

He can be reached at 06 84 98 23 96 or via e-mail.

Sean Marc

Sean is a highly qualified massage therapist educated in Australia. His strength lies in deep tissue massage, release of tensions and assessments. He has a couple of locations in Paris he works out of, as well as works while travelling around France. Sean might not always be easy to get hold of, but if you need some good massage therapy, give me a shout.

He can be contacted at: 06 29 72 49 56 or through e-mail.