Advanced LaStone® now in Paris!
Every day at Rituel, 16 rue de la Grande Chaumiere in the 6th starting February. Only by appointment.

Following prices and discounts only apply when booking directly through me. Booking through Rituel is at their prices.
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LaStone®: Description: Price:
LaStone massage: An individually tailored hot and cold stone session; combining relaxation, deep tissue massage and energy work into a unique experience.
60 minutes massage:
75 mintues massage:
90 minutes massage:
85 €
100 €
115 €
Cocooning or Castle Building: Half an hour covered in hot and cold stones with a relaxing foot, hand or face massage. 45 €
Bury the Soul: Ancient Native Americian Stone Medicine ritual, where you bury your troubles and come out afresh. Energy work, shamanic practices and Sacred Symbol.
60 minutes session:
85 €
Balancing the Water Fall: Energetic pressure point work on face and feet, visualization and Stone Medicine.
45-60 minutes session:
55 €
The Three Relations: Facial Stone Medicine massage with energy work and Sacred Symbol.
60 minutes session:
85 €
Other types of bodywork: Description: Price:
Healing Hands: 20 minutes energic work and touch experience:
45 minutes energic work and touch experience:
25 €
50 €
Shamanic Journey: Individual Journey with analysis:
Group Journey (2-5 people) with circle, altar and discussion:
50 €
200 €
Massage Créatif outcalls only: 60 minutes wellness and relaxation massage:
90 minutes wellness and relaxation massage:
80 €
110 €
Call out: Fee per visit 30 €

Contact me for prices for workshops and wellness events.

Upon request, I'll gladly compose special packages and massage combinations to suit your requirements. You are more than welcome to contact me for further information, discounts, special offers and prices for MESSAGE members.